How do you politely tell someone that you want them naked on top of you

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i will always immediately judge those who dislike animals for absolutely no good reason

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We have both of our Harrington jackets launching at 5pm today.



Yep, and it’s amazing. People are put into molds from the moment they are born. If somebody is unhappy with an aspect of their life and they take action to change that aspect, that person should be applauded. People’s lives are often dictated by the idea that their happiness and comfort comes second to others, and that needs to change. I will not say I’m sorry for making myself happy by altering my body for my comfort.



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As we pulled into the bus station there were a lot of fire engines and men standing around laughing amd joking this morning and I couldnt quite decipher what had happened, what with everyone having such a good chin wag.
It was a suicide attempt
I saw the woman sat on top of the viaduct with a swarm of disgusting humans below treating it like a minor inconvenience for them
How selfish of her to delay those trains? And make all the stupid people have to be late for work, god forbid she had had enough of her own life and only saw fit to end it. But holy shit now you dont have time for a coffee and a donut before work fuck you
I have had a guy on facebook write an apology about a comment he made, how he hopes they died because then his train delay would atleast be worth it
We are not human when we do not empathise.
If we are then I want out.






Male rape victim talks about why he finds male rape funny at the Atomic Vaudeville Cabaret in June of 2012.

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I was about to get kind of upset untill I finished it to the end. Its so true though.

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The look of pain in his eyes at the end


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Holy shit.

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