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For some reason a bird speaking Japanese is mildly off putting.

> Literal translation

Bird:” ‘Uhm Hello, this is the Ono family.”

Bird: “What’s wrong?”

Owner: “Abe-chan, you’re a little too early. Once the phone’s picked up, then properly say hello.”

Bird: “Okay, understood.”

Owner: “Do you really understand? I’m counting on you. Hello, this is the Ono family residence in Gifu.”]

Bird: “Okay, I understand!”

Owner: “Got it.”

> That’s clearly some sort of Pokemon.

> Off-putting? It’s like birds were meant to speak Japanese!

> For some reason it’s never occurred to me that birds can mimic languages other than English. It’s so cool, though!

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my friend Pete literally makes me cry with his snap stories

this is me, i am pete, love me 

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*sees good art*
*gets excited*
*thinks I can art*
*tries to art*
*cant art*

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1 3/4 inch glass inlays with blood wood. One of a kind from the Michelle Hamilton collection.

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All trimmed dyed shaved and ready for work (unfortunate about work though)


The Suicide of Lucretia (Detail) Meester met de Papegaai,1525.

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The photos came out really well from my shoot with @stewbryden he’s a great photographer, manages to make me look half decent!

When your hair dye has too much red tone in it *cries*.
When yo momma admits she bought that colour because she doesnt like your hair too dark *cries*
When she lied and told you it was the only one they had two left of *kills momma*


i really need a day between saturday and sunday

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[white guy voice] protein

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